How to cite the Veriwasm paper in latex

1. Add cyrillic support to latex. On Ubuntu, you can install this via

        sudo apt install texlive-lang-cyrillic

2. Next, add the following package reference to your latex file

        \usepackage[russian, english]{babel}
On Windows, you may also need the following:

3. Add the following to your bib file

            author    = {Evan Johnson and David Thien and Yousef Alhessi and Shravan 
            Narayan and Fraser Brown and Sorin Lerner and Tyler McMullen and Stefan Savage 
            and Deian Stefan},
            title     = {\foreignlanguage{russian}{Довер\'{я}й, но провер\'{я}й}: {SFI} 
            safety for native-compiled {Wasm}},
            booktitle = {NDSS},
            year      = {2021},
            publisher = {Internet Society}